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Two years after Prop 47, addicts walk free with nowhere to go

The Desert Sun/USA TODAY

In 2014, California voters freed about 13,500 low-level offenders from crowded prisons and jails. But many ex-inmates have traded incarceration for a cycle of homelessness, drug abuse and petty crime.

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Behind efforts to build prototypes of Trump's border wall, emails show a confusing and haphazard process

The Desert Sun/USA TODAY

Emails sent to the federal government, obtained via a public records request, highlight a confusing border wall bidding process that may have overlooked qualified candidates for the sake of speed.

Democrats spent 37 times the contribution limit on Nathan Fletcher. And it’s legal.


How did Nathan Fletcher get nearly $1 million in support from the local Democratic Party when the contribution limit is so much smaller than that?

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How San Diego fueled California’s gas tax repeal effort


It started as a few phone calls to a local radio station, and now could become the second taxpayer revolt in state history.

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Not native enough

Salt Lake Tribune

Thousands of Utah’s American Indian students are barred from federal programs designed to help them succeed in school. Native Americans who aren't tribally enrolled are often prevented from joining them. 

Campus Sexual Assault Can Cost Universities Millions


As universities face increasingly intense scrutiny for their handling of sexual assault, the cost of accusations, formal charges and prevention measures is skyrocketing.

Another former employee sues the Pa. Attorney General's Office

Philadelphia Inquirer

Another former member of the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office is taking the office to court, in the sixth lawsuit brought by former state prosecutors, agents and administrators.

Busting barriers, Penn's top cop celebrates 20 years

The Daily Pennsylvanian

Maureen Rush was one of Philadelphia’s first 100 female police officers on street patrol in 1976. She climbed her way to the head of one of the largest university police forces in America.

Push For Campus Safety Means More Guns, Officers, Security Spending


Tasers, laptop locks and security cameras don’t automatically come to mind when most people think of the college campus. But these devices are now present in quads and dorms across the country.

Behind the glass, a contested history

The Daily Pennsylvanian

When a representative of the University of Pennsylvania archaeology museum visited a Native American clan in September of 1995, members broke down at the sight of objects sacred to their clan, which had been lost to them for decades.

The Dividing Line

34th Street Magazine

An exploration of drug culture at the University of Pennsylvania. While some students turn their backs on cocaine because of its consequences, others embrace its associations with wealth and exclusivity.

Your courses, deconstructed

The Daily Pennsylvanian

An analysis of university course review data, a project led by me, containing articles and interactive graphic breakdowns to guide students. Click "all articles" to see features I wrote for the project.

Mom-to-be pushes through blizzard to deliver

Philadelphia Inquirer

When expectant mother Brittany Gillette, 21, felt her water break at 5 a.m. Saturday, howling wind was stacking snow in front of her house and she feared she wouldn't make it to a hospital. And she wasn't the only one.

Who says civil servants can't make good money?

Salt Lake Tribune

The number of city, county employees earning $100K in Utah has jumped 64 percent in the past years. Here are the top members of the so-called $100K club and some things about them that may surprise you.

Bronx man needs funds to save basketball tournament to honor late grandmother

New York Daily News

The tattoo that Gabriel McCabe had etched on his shoulder to honor his grandmother six years ago isn’t enough — now he’s asking for help to honor her on the basketball court.